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A brief update to say I am so excited about building my web presence.  I have decided to build a site using – my only problem is to stop focussing on that so much and do my actual uni work!

Am recovering from minor surgery to my wrist at the moment so have to limit the typing.  Short, but sweet so they say 🙂


An update

A few weeks in and I’m feeling super excited about learning.  I must say I am ashamed to admit that I actually didn’t know the difference between “internet” and the “WWW”.  Not sure that didn’t know the difference is the correct term, but I guess what I’m saying that I didn’t know the technical differences.

Very interesting stuff.

At 33 years old I have decided its best to figure out what I want to be “when I grow up”.  Look out world of web design… Ima comin’!

So, my first unit is Web Communications through Curtin University.

A week in and I’m already wondering what have I got myself into.  Who knew it would be so stressful to create usernames!  I nearly packed it all in after struggling even to work out how to write a blog. I am so out of touch with what the kids are doing these days.

Anyway, hope you (yes, you..) enjoy my journey.  Go forth, read and remember these words “I’d rather regret something I’ve done than something I’ve never done”.

My first blog attempt. I hope its interesting.